Photo of Martin

NAME : Martin Wildig

D.O.B. : 2nd July 1968

HOME : Loughborough, Leicestershire, England

PROFESSION : Web Developer and semi-professional Musician

1988-90 Meadowbank Medical Systems - Programmer
1990-96 Rheometric Scientific (Formerly Polymer Laboratories) - Software Engineer
1996-98 Leicester I.T.E.C. - I.T. Trainer
1998-00 Head Office of Goldsmiths Jewellery - Analyst Programmer
2000- Limited - Web Developer/Designer

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS : Playing Melodeon, Coventry City Football Club, Gary Numan, F1 Motor Racing, Airshows, Surfing the Internet

HEROES : Gary Numan, Coventry City Football Team, Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill, Nigel Mansell, Darth Vader, Captain Scarlet, Brian Cant, Rolf Harris and Mickey Mouse

FAVOURITE FILMS : Star Wars, Terminator, Alien

BEST HOLIDAY : Florida, Dubai, Connecticut

FAVE MUSIC : Gary Numan, The Cure, David Bowie

FAVE FOOD : Chinese or Italian

LEAST FAVE FOOD : Cabbage, Sprouts

FAVE DRINK : Real Ale (please feel free to buy me a pint anytime)

GREATEST AMBITION : To go into Space

MOST FRIGHTENING EXPERIENCE : 3 laps of Cadwell Park Race Circuit with a professional racing driver

MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE : Being at Wembley Stadium to see Coventry win the F.A. Cup Final in 1987 against Spurs

COUNTRIES VISITED : Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, USA, Dubai

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